Calgary Real Estate Information

While we dream of those bygone times in 2007 or 2013 when almost 100% of the homes listed on the market sold, that isn’t the reality now. In fact, the news reports and press attention given these days to Calgary real estate listings is that it’s failing. But just because the media loves to talk about the negatives shouldn’t dissuade you from creating a killer listing that attracts the right buyers at the right price.

Here at The Chamberlain Group, we have decades of combined experience in creating new home listings that sell. We know what it takes to make your house look attractive and appealing, almost impossible to resist. This is no sure-fire formula to success, but we have found that there are steps you can take to give your listing the best chance it has, even on a slower market.


When it comes down to it, we often say that you have two variables at your disposal, two tools in your kit to attract buyers. Your main tools are the Product and the Price. By playing around with those variables, you can create an irresistible draw to your house. Among the thousands of other new houses for sale Calgary, we can advise how to make your home stand out.

We aren’t saying anything is foolproof. We’ve been in this game long enough to see how fickle and unpredictable the real estate market can be. What we’re providing here are just some of the tools of the trade we’ve used in the past to great success. Not guaranteed success, but we know these qualities have a greater impact than if you choose to do nothing.

That being said, let’s have a look at what you can do.  

This one is pretty obvious, but we thought it should rank first in our discussion. Not only will you gain the experience of a dedicated professional to sell your home, you’ll also benefit from their Rolodex of contacts; eager buyers, investors, and motivated and interested parties in your property. Did you know that you stand to make more money with a certified agent familiar with Calgary real estate listings than if you went on your own?

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