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calgary-homes-for-saleHave you ever walked through a Calgary Home for sale and wondered, “Who would buy this?” Well, we have too. But it turns out that the market for Calgary houses for sale is extensive. People are looking for homes for a variety of reasons, and none of them are ever the same.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons that The Chamberlain Real Estate Group doesn’t focus on buying and selling houses. We focus on people. We find that if we can put people at the centre of our every move, the rest just falls into place. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from our years of experience in the Calgary real estate market, it’s that people are all different.





Calgary Alberta Homes for sale.

As Calgary grows and expands, so do the home choices that people have when they searching for homes for sale in Calgary Alberta. It doesn’t matter the direction you turn, there’s an opportunity in that vicinity. Looking for a home for sale in Calgary’s northwest? There are some exciting developments we can show you. Want to find an acreage in Calgary’s southwest? There are some amazing properties we can show you. As we start to get into what is on offer, even we get surprised sometimes by the reasons people buy homes.

Reasons People are looking for homes for sale  in Calgary

Maybe you can identify with one of these reasons. If we get a sense for why you want to buy, we can narrow our search to the properties that best suit your needs. Are any of these buyers you?

New Homes for sale Calgary

Life tends to change. And so do your needs for a home. If you find that you are constantly stepping on the kids toys or failing to find some quiet space for yourself, it could be time to upgrade your home. We can recommend homes for sale in Calgary that not only have more square footage but other amenities as well. If your family is growing, you might appreciate a community with parks or close to great schools.

As we check the reports and keep an eye on the trends in Calgary home prices, we see a cautious growth market. Home prices are recovering for a devastating crash, and we’re just now seeing the signs of better real estate pricing to come. Good news, right?

This is encouraging news, but it’s also a challenge for us. In light of all this, how do we price a home? How can we put a figure on a home, taking into consideration the myriad of little factors that all go into that final figure?

It’s something that we wrestle with on a daily basis, and this article should help clarify what we’re doing behind the scenes. We go to a lot of effort to find that dollar figure that pleases both the buyer and the seller, arriving at a fair market value for your home.

Calgary Home Prices

TheCalgary market for real estate can be a topsy-turvy event. So much of what happens here depends on several factors outside of our control. But we can keep an eye on the news, on other markets, and the statistics from the city to get a sense of how Calgarians respond to home prices.

World events are a big factor. When oil markets come crashing down, as we’ve seen, we are going to experience a pricing drop in Calgary homes for sale. market. Although Calgary is attached at the hip to the oil and gas industry, we’re affected by so much more in the world. Home pricing responds to factors like how the American dollar is doing against our own, how the federal banks have regulated the industry, and the lending rules that affect mortgages.

Employment rates also play a huge role and we keep an eye on those numbers.  And that makes sense. If you can’t get a job, you normally can’t afford a home. We expect that when unemployment rates drop, the home market responds like a balancing scale. City development is another factor but it affects prices on a local scale. If the city of Calgary wants to pour in money into municipal developments, much like they did in the East Village area, then we expect home prices to rise accordingly in the surrounding communities. That reach is limited though. City projects in a community like Carrington won’t affect home prices across Calgary.   

Buy Calgary Homes for sale as an Investment.

Now comes the magic that we do to arrive at that all-important number; pricing your home.  But is it magic? Not really. We use a lot of what we talked about above to have a broad sense of what the market is telling us, but that’s not all. Whether you are buying or selling, we put a lot more thought into what the fair market value for that home than you might realise.


Demographics of Calgary

Population (2016)[1]
 • CMA        1,392,609
 • CMA density    272.5/km2 (706/sq mi)
Time zone    UTC-7 (MST)
 • Summer (DST)    UTC-6 (MDT)
Area code(s)    403, 587, 825


Home Amenities

We need to get a sense of what the home offers those who live there. This isn’t just about the kitchen flooring or the colour of the bathroom walls. We look at the appliances, room layouts, proximity to major roads, nearby parks, yard size, repairs needed, and so much more. Our checklist is dozens of items long of amenities that we evaluate on the home. They all play a part in what the home price is so we take this part very seriously.

Neighbourhood Home Sales

Calgary has over 180 communities, each of them very unique and different. People choose these communities based on where they work, the school districts, and proximity to amenities. These neighbourhoods also play a part in how the home is priced. We check out the demographics of the community. We look at all the home options in the neighbourhood such as single-family homes, condos, apartments, and duplexes.

Calgary Home Data

Much of that home sales data is available to the public. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge of the Calgary market allow us to interpret the data, make an informed decision, and determine the best value for your home. We have helped many Calgarians buy and sell their home in this market. We understand Calgary home prices. We love the feeling of finding someone that perfect home. Having someone on your side with that experience and knowledge is invaluable.

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Reasons why people are looking for Calgary homes for sale.

“I Need to Downsize my Home”

The converse of the previous option is always true. Just as life expands, so does it shrink. Kids move away, larger homes become impractical, and many other reasons drive buyers to look for homes for sale in Calgary's southeast, southwest, or elsewhere in smaller options. If you feel like you could do with a smaller home, we can recommend some ideal apartments, modern condos, or even townhomes that don’t feel cramped. Just because your home is smaller doesn’t mean that you need to downgrade your life. Calgary has exceptional options in the smaller-sized properties.

“I’m Looking for a Good Rental Opportunity”

With Calgary’s thriving job market and several renowned post-secondary schools in the city, the rental market is always a sound choice to buy a home in Calgary. If that’s what you need, let us guide your steps. Certain neighbourhoods are ideally set up for renters, temporary residents to the city. Most often, they need good proximity to their job or school, great transportation options, and a safe neighbourhood to live. Let us point out the Calgary homes for sale on the market that attract the most attention so you get the best bang for your buck.

“I Need An Investment Property in Calgary for sale”

The majority of Canadians still believe that real estate is the best investment choice. Across all generations, people are looking to real estate to make smart choices with their money. Let us help you identify some of the booming communities, neighbourhoods where property prices are expected to rise higher than other areas of the city.

“I’m Looking for a Change of Pace”

Aren’t we all? Calgarians are in a constant state of flow. People living in the suburbs flow towards the downtown core. People living within inner city communities flow towards neighbourhoods with more space. It’s OK to need a change. We can help find you that perfect Calgary home.. Let us know what your ideal home looks like, and we can make it happen  

“I Want a home in a Better Neighbourhood”

Certain communities in Calgary favour one type of resident over another and we can help you here. Let us point out the communities that will meet your needs, whether it be more family-friendly environments, better school districts, or simply a bigger property more room to grow. There is a perfect neighbourhood. We can move you there.

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If those sound like where you’re at right now, we’d love to chat. Give us a call at 587-316-5400 or on email, [email protected]. Let us help you find you great homes for sale in Calgary.