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things_to_do_in_calgaryIt's always good to know what is happening in Calgary. There are so many amazing events in Calgary that it's hard to keep track of. Each month we will post some of the latest and greatest events below that you need to take notice of and make sure you get into your calendars!

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back_to_school_calgary_chamberlain_real_estate_groupDecisions, decisions… Back to school in Calgary looks quite a bit different this year. No matter what you decide for your kiddos, our team has put together their favourite tips to make the most of the new school year!

You get an office, and you get an office!

If you’ve moved to a work from home setup, you understand the importance of a dedicated workspace. It’s possibly even more important for your school-aged kids to have a study area where they know they can go to focus. Think home office, but way cuter.

Here are some items you may want to include:

  • A desk with storage and organizers
  • A comfortable chair (sure, they’re kids, but you do not want to pay for chiro later)
  • Good lighting
  • Studious décor (a map or fun academic posters)
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5_must_visit_paitos_in_calgary_and_banffLike you, we too like to take the time and enjoy life.

The hot weather is a reminder that we all need some outdoorsy time. And we’re not talking about a hike this time, but rather enjoying the summer sunsets as the evening breeze blows in.

Let's be honest, as much as we all say to each other in the winter, 'Why do we live here?', there’s no better place to be in Calgary (or out in Banff) than sipping drinks on the patio in the summer.

Because we are spoiled for choice in this city, here are some of our team’s top recommendations for patios in Calgary. 

What are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below!

Uncommon by Leela on 17th Ave

(as recommended by Daniel Howlett)

Uncommon by Leela’s trick to lure you in is the combination

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3_Kid_Friendly_Hikes_Near_CalgaryWe love hikes.


Hiking on kid friendly hiking trails with the whole family is what we do!


Getting out into the wilderness is amazing.


Below are 3 different hikes that we have recently completed and depending on your child's level of hiking ability, any of these could be a fun outing for everyone!


Lake Agnes Tea House


This hike is totally worth the drive to Lake Louise. We recommend getting there early, even before 8 a.m. if possible as the parking lot fills up fast! The hike up to Lake Agnes is about 3.8 km (round trip 7.6 km), which doesn’t seem long but it is a steady incline all the way, but there are flat spots along the way that make for rest stops. 


At the base of the stairs leading up to the tea house

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3 Incredible Day Trips Around Calgary

day_trips_around_calgaryWhen you are living in Calgary, you don't need to stay in your house all the time. Part of the appeal of Calgary is that it is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and its proximity to some truly astounding places. With hundreds of hiking trails, ski runs, and natural wonders within a couple hours' drive, it's hard to narrow down a selection. But make sure you don't miss these, as they can easily be left off of your list.

These three places are a great place for any age and any size of family. 

  • Tyrell Museum & the Badlands: About 90 minutes Northeast of Calgary, this moonscape is eerie and desert-like, and a wonderful place to explore (stop by Horseshoe Canyon on your way there too!). A treasure-trove
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outdoor_activity_ideas_in_calgaryIf you are on a budget or want to get away from the crowds: don't worry, Calgary has you covered. With vast swathes of pristine green space within the city, you have plenty of spots to explore. Growing up in Calgary, one of the regular outdoor activities we would do was heading down to Fish Creek Park for hours. We would build forts in the trees with deadfall, splash in the water catching tadpoles, toss a ball or frisbee, and finish with a hotdog roast over a fire. We would spend hours riding our bikes in and out of the trees and get lost in paths we've never explored before. Places like this litter our incredible city, and each one has its own unique flavour and is worth exploring.

Here are a few of our most absolute favourites to check out:

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dog_friendly_places_in_calgaryIn part 1 of our #stayingathome series, we discussed New Puppy Training. Now that you have some tips to help you on your journey with a new pup, let's get to the fun part! Here in Calgary, there are plenty of dog-friendly places to take your growing pup to.

Where are good places to visit in Calgary with a new puppy?

  1. Nose Hill Park - on top of the hill is a large off-leash area that is plenty big enough for a young pup to explore. This one is mostly grass, brush, and dirt.
  2. Bowmont Park Off-Leash Area - near the river, this fenced park is great if you live in the NW. Though some parts of the fence no longer meet the ground, so keep a close eye on your pup at the south end of the park
  3. Edworthy Off-Leash Park - Here is where you can take your
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new_puppy_trainingThinking its time to invite one of these fluffy friends into your home? Let's be honest, the kids are off of school for months. It could be a great time for them to train and bond the new little family member. In the last 6 weeks, 4 of the families on our team, all welcomed new four-legged family members into their home, some adopted and some are new puppies. 

Let's explore what a new puppy involves and share some resources for you to use along the way!

A New Puppy Routine

Just a few weeks ago, I, Jessi, welcomed a new member to our family. A rambunctious and wild, but soft and cuddly, 9-week old pup. The first few days were a whirlwind of chaos. The little furball nipped and chomped at everything and everyone she touched. She made messes

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Things to do in Calgary for March 2020


There are so many amazing things to do in Calgary each and every month. This month takes us to Shen Yun and a LEGO Fan Expo that your friends and family will be absolutely thrilled to pencil into the calendar with you. 

Did you know that Bob Saget is coming to Calgary? For all those with younger ones, you may want to check out the Kidz Bop Concert. Who doesn't want to spend time there? Ha!

Ready? Here we go!

Shen Yun

Shen Yun is a one of a kind experience where you will get a glimpse of what it’s like to live in ancient China through an incredible performance with beautiful backdrops, indigenous dance choreography, exquisite costumes and of course, a live orchestra that will surely take

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Things to do in Calgary for February 2020



February is coming near and there is lots of excitement in the air for all of the events that are happening in and around Calgary. Mark your calendars and plan your dates because this is going to be an extraordinary month here in the city!

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest

Chocolate Lovers, it’s the best time of the year again! The YYC Hot Chocolate Fest is back, and it’s running all month long. Participating cafes and restaurants all over the city will feature a signature hot chocolate drink created for this exciting and friendly competition. It’s time to get out there and vote for your favourite cup in support of Calgary Meals on Wheels, the benefitting organization that will be receiving a

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Things to do in Calgary for January 2020


There are so many amazing things to do in Calgary each and every month. This month takes us to places like the Ice Magic Festival in Lake Louise and the Calgary Renovation Show in the heart of downtown. Make sure to mark your calendars for some of this month's best events. Here we go!

Banff Snow Days

Banff National Park welcomes all for free snowy enjoyment in the heart of winter! The annual SnowDays celebration is a free 12-day event that hosts the best of winter activities every year. Come check out the snow sculpture competition in downtown Banff, the Ice Magic Festival, skate parties with DJ's, Tribute to Craft Spirts Festival and so much more. 

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