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The Ultimate Resource for Calgary Home Sellers

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How_to_Buy_Your_First_Condo_in_CalgaryWe invited a fantastic, young couple to talk about their recent condo purchase. This couple shared how they did it, why they did it and much more.

Zendalee works at a school, and Davey is a freelance photographer & videographer. They have been married for two years now.

Their perception of real estate people is from the movies. They think agents are just out to make a dollar and get crazy commissions.

Education is Key

Before the purchase of their condo, the couple had some fears. Primarily, they were unsure about what they were looking for.

They don’t know a lot of real estate terminology, which gave them the feeling of not being educated enough to make the right decision.

Their mindset shifted when Zendalee attended a class for first

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Is_Moving_Inner_City_Considered_Moving_UpIs living in the inner-city with a family a good idea? Should you do it?

We've had lots of clients who have talked about moving to the inner-city in Calgary. One of them is Jeremy Duncan; he made that change and moved to the inner city with his family. He lives at Crescent Heights on the west side of Center Street.

From Suburbs to Inner City

Their first place was a condo in Toronto, Scarborough. They moved to Calgary in 2004 and immediately started looking for a condo downtown.

Their agent pushed them to buy a starter home in the suburbs. Looking back, it was great for them financially.

His family ended up buying a starter home in Tuscany. They stayed there for about nine years. But it wasn't quite what they envisioned having.


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What_is_Driving_Calgary_Real_Estate_Market_NowWe reviewed the October 2020 market update, and here are the numbers for all condos and houses.

The benchmark selling price now is $ 422,000, which is up a half percent compared to last year. The total sales number is at 1,764, which is up 22% compared to the previous year.

New buyers come into the market to take advantage of the massive swing in interest rates. Last year’s interest rates at this time were as high as 3.5%, and now it’s down 1.5 to 1.6%. That’s about a 2% difference.

The actual number of new listings went up 3.8%. This is good because there is a momentum in supply and demand. But inventory is not there. We only have 5,800 homes on the market; that's down 12% compared to last year.

There are some opportunities now for sellers.

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Not_Sure_If_You_Should_BUY_or_SELL_FirstShould you Buy or Sell First?

Everybody has their idea of a Dream House. They have this clear picture in their head of how it looks – from the lot area, theme, interior design, down to the tiniest details.

So, what happens when one day, while you’re going on with your daily activities, then, all of a sudden, you catch wind of a house that just came on the market?

You might realize you are now staring at your dream house.

Should you jump on ahead and start packing your stuff and get ready to move up to your dream house? Or should you take a moment to prepare your current place to be put on sale?

This whole thing of buying and selling first comes a lot when someone has a home that they need to sell, and they want to buy a new one.

We have

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October_2020_Calgary_Real_Estate_Market_UpdateAs we enter into colder months, one would think that the market should slow down. Given everything going on, we see the opposite. There is great momentum in the market right now. Many Calgarians are making moves within Calgary instead of making holidays and travel plans. The fact that the inventory has decreased over 12% compared to last year indicates how tight the market is. When we see that tied with an increase in sales by 35% for detached homes, 21% for semi-detached and 8.5% for townhomes, we are in a shortage of options and inventory.


If you are in this market and looking to purchase, depending on your price point, be prepared for multiple offers. If you see a home that will work well for you for the coming years and crosses off many

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4_critical_conversations_when_buying_and_selling_a_home_in_calgaryFamilies move to different houses for so many reasons. A lot of considerations weigh in.

Right now, we’re going to dive into four critical conversations that you need to have when buying and selling in the same market.

To start, you should ask yourself the biggest question, “Why are you moving?”

Knowing this will align the path that you will take on moving forward.

You have to assess yourself and where you want to be in the future. Determine what will make you happy during the next period; five years, three years, two years.

What’s going to make you cheerful about your progress?

1. Seasons in Life
For instance, you are a newly married couple searching for your first home together.

Before you get wrapped up in the thought of a beautiful

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calgary_real_estate_news_september_2020Calgary Real Estate News - September 2020 Market Update - Are Houses Even Selling? 
September was an interesting month for a lot of reasons.
It was full for many parents who need to decide if they will put their kids in the classroom or learn virtually. 
For real estate, it was the busiest market we've seen since 2014.
So, let's talk about the Calgary real estate market. What's happening? Are houses even selling anymore? 
All Condos & Houses
The benchmark selling price of all condos and houses was down 0.2%.
But the actual number of transactions went up 25% compared to last year. 
People are not taking holidays anymore. All the benchmarks that we usually live in life are gone. 
Going away for the summer, having kids in school, having people over for

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a_story_of_trust_chamberlain_real_estate_groupTrust, in any relationship, is key for that relationship to work well. However, building trust and maintaining trust can be difficult.

Clients we have worked with over the years have all had amazing and hard experiences with REALTOR®s in the past. Our goal is to help you first so that we can build trust through our process and use all the tools we have to help you the best we are able to. 

Here is a story that Simmi Aujla shared with me about one of her clients. Feel free to watch our live show or read the transcript below.

Jared Chamberlain:
And today we have a story, a story about trust. So Simmi, we are going to make up this lady's name. Yeah. Because what is it like? There's like those old radio shows where it's like, the scenarios have

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best_neighbourhoods_to_sell_in_calgary_august_2020Here are the best neighbourhoods in Calgary if your are thinking of selling your home in the coming months. This is based on the  August 2020 numbers for months of inventory in each neighbourhood.

Here are your top 10 Neighbourhoods. Watch the video below or read through the transcript below!

10. Maple Ridge - 1.64 Months of Inventory
Maple Ridge is a super great community. It currently is sitting at 1.64 months worth of inventory. So everything on the market currently, right now it'll take one and a half or 1.6 months for it to sell all of the homes that are currently on the market to sell in order to... Basically the absorption rate, months of inventory. So it's going to... That's create that buyers are buying up the current amount of homes

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calgary_market_update_july_august_2020So, the big question here, is the market dead or is it hot? What in the world is going on? COVID has turned us upside down. We're wearing masks. The world is different. Kids are going back to school, some are, some aren't. This is not a conversation, a topic about what's right or wrong at this moment. Really, we want to sit and talk about the Calgary real estate market.

There have been a lot of people and clients that are making transitions right now. They're making moves. They are figuring out how to move up to a better home, a different home. They're realizing, they're working from home more over the last couple of months, and it's going to stay that way for a while. So, there's a lot of things that are changing in a lot of people's worlds

Watch the

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