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The market in Calgary is ever changing. We are seeing a real mix of multiple offers, urgent buyers as well as areas of the city that are taking longer than normal to sell. It is safe to say that for some markets in Calgary we are seeing the spring market in full bloom.

In the month of June there was a 6% increase in the number of listings that came on the market compared to June 2019. This is showing us that there is demand and a need/want for many Calgary families to move and experience a change during these COVID months.

If home sales continue like we saw in June, we could see a stop of the downward pressures on the prices of homes in and around our city. But that won't be known until later.





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may_2020_market_stats1M A Y ~ 2 0 2 0 || As expected, we are seeing massive drops in terms of sales happening. Across the city, we saw a decrease of over 63% in the number of sales compared to April 2019.

If you are considering a purchase in this market, you may think there will be some amazing deals, but in reality, the inventory is a bit low. So, if you are in a hotter price range (under $500,000) you could see homes still moving quicker if they are priced well for the time we're in.

Where we have seen the biggest adjustments is in the price ranges above $600,000. The number of homes that sold over this price has really dropped. So if you are planning on selling in this range, you MUST have a kick a$$ strategy to get you in front of the potentially few buyers that are

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After a really strong start in 2020 that our brokerage saw in sales and activity, we have seen some changes, as expected. Many homeowners are still having possession taken place over the coming weeks from the sales that happened over a previous couple of months.⁠ ⁠ With all the COVID-19 talk and impact on Calgary, we are starting to see some of it affecting our market. Here is what we've noticed:⁠ ⁠

  1. If you are still thinking of selling and are ready, DO IT! 
    Here's why... Many homes are coming off the market, sellers taking a pause in their transition for many reasons. With the inventory low, our agents are actually calling agents who had listings that have expired to see if their client would be open to selling because we have buyers who are
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