Stories of Success

Below are all the stories of success. We are a collaborative, focused and hungry team that loves to have fun. It always starts with the client, putting them first, helping them achieve their dreams. We celebrate each other and use the successes of others to fuel our own energy and growth. We are inspired by others winning, because we know that we are also able to do the same.

Here are the stories of success from our team. Use them for your own encouragement and growth!

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Moving-Up-With-KidsMeet Erik and Heather.

They have been married for about five years now and are blessed with two little kids.

With the help of our associate, Rob Campbell, they finally moved to a place they can call home!

Heather is originally from Vancouver, and Erik is from Ontario.

They both worked in the craft beer industry and met at a brewery. Erik & Heather’s relationship started to grow, and eventually, they fell in love while working together.

To seal the deal, they tied the knot where their love story began - at the brewery!

Moving from One Place to Another

Their family has moved to four different homes in the past five years. They moved to Alberta from Tofino, British Columbia.

The place they bought in Tofino was a pretty

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Moving-to-Calgary-Story-of-Brian-and-GloriaMeet Brian and Gloria.

They lived on Vancouver Island in Campbell River for 20 years. In September of 2020, they made a big transition to move to Calgary to be closer to their family.

Their children are now adults with their own families. They have one child in Edmonton, one in Calgary, and one in Lethbridge. They have a total of four grandchildren now!

After two long years, Gloria convinced Brian to move to Calgary. She was very excited to be with their kids and grandkids finally.

This meant that Brian had to retire and give up his office. But because of technology and how we do business now, his clients still contacted him after moving. This allowed him to continue his business virtually.

Finding a New Home

Gloria first came to the

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Moving_to_CalgaryHome is where your heart is. It sounds cliche but being with your family indeed plays a big part when you’re deciding where to reside.

We want to share with you the story of Ron & Roxy. They recently worked with Alex Weston on our team in their transition to Calgary from Penticton.

They have an incredible story with great lessons for those considering moving to Calgary from another city or town.

Ron & Roxy have a lot of family in the Okanagan where they moved from. They also have family members here in Calgary. They stayed with their family in B.C. for 49 years. This year, they decided to give a little more time to their family in Calgary and move here.

Though they have family here, they didn't know anything else. Everything was new to them.

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Buying_in_AirdrieWe invited a past client to share her journey in buying a home in Airdrie. Amber worked with Rob on our team to purchase her first condo. 

Her family was from Edmonton and she has a twin sister. She works in the dental field.

When she first moved to Calgary, she didn't know a lot about the city. The downtown community was the best option for her as it allowed her to be close to everything she needed. She stayed in the city for about five years.

Planning Ahead

Her parents accompanied her to go to the bank and talk to a mortgage broker when she started looking for a new house. She wasn’t in a rush to buy anything but she wanted to see some options. That’s why she asked for a general outline in purchasing a house.

Amber knew exactly what she wanted in a

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Welcome to 2021! Is it all that you thought it to be?

The real estate market in Calgary saw quite the year in 2020. The biggest thing we are seeing is the low inventory of homes on the market.

Walking into the pandemic, we didn’t know what would happen to real estate sales, but looking backwards, it makes sense how the inventory got this low.

Yes, we’ve seen a large increase in sales number year over year, but let’s put it into perspective. Right now, everyone is at home. With us spending this much time at home, many who have income still are looking to spend or save it.

With limited options on where to spend money, we are, in a way, forced to save it. With savings and cash available comes opportunities to invest in where we live or another

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 Discover_How_To_Buy_Your_First_CondoWe want you to meet Chantel.

She braved the journey of independence and found peace in learning more about herself.

Chantel grew up in Calgary and knew Simmi on our team for a long time. They started off playing basketball together and, over the years, became best friends.

Moving out has always been at the back of her mind, but she kept on dismissing the idea in respect of her culture. But this year, push came to shove, and she made up her mind and decided to make the big move.

Her move's timing was interesting as it happened during COVID when everybody wants to be with their family and stay comfortable.

It was a huge step, and she was happy and proud that she could do it.

First Home

Her first hurdle was to figure out what kind of

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Moving_Up_to_a_House_From_a_CondoPreparing for a Growing Family

Selling your condo and moving into the unknown is tough.

It can be hard to figure out where you should go.

There can be multiple curve balls thrown your way, and sometimes never knowing what is ahead.

This is what 2020 looked like for our past clients, Travis and Jessica. In July 2019, they decided to pursue adoption and have a daughter. They were told that the timeline would be about three years. So they focused on being vetted and preparing for their new addition to their family.

They asked for Rebecca’s help to sell their condo and buy a bigger home for their growing family.

However, they have no idea what kind of home they needed or where in the city would be the best place to live.

Travis felt like

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A_Story_About_Dreams_and_CompassionWe have a fantastic story about a couple who recently bought and sold a house with Chamberlain Real Estate Group. Natalie was born and raised in Calgary, and her husband, Vin, was from Vietnam.

Journey to Calgary

Vin’s family stayed in a refugee camp in Thailand because they tried to escape when pirates attacked them. A church in Thorncrest sponsored their entire family of 15 to go to Canada.

They arrived in Calgary Herald during the 1970s. His parents had money in Vietnam, but they cleaned toilets for a living when they came here. Their journey wasn't easy, but they worked hard and thrived.

Natalie and Vin met at a hair school in Calgary. Back in Vietnam, Vin's father got wealthy because of his hair salon. He worked so hard that he ended up

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How_to_Buy_Your_First_Condo_in_CalgaryWe invited a fantastic, young couple to talk about their recent condo purchase. This couple shared how they did it, why they did it and much more.

Zendalee works at a school, and Davey is a freelance photographer & videographer. They have been married for two years now.

Their perception of real estate people is from the movies. They think agents are just out to make a dollar and get crazy commissions.

Education is Key

Before the purchase of their condo, the couple had some fears. Primarily, they were unsure about what they were looking for.

They don’t know a lot of real estate terminology, which gave them the feeling of not being educated enough to make the right decision.

Their mindset shifted when Zendalee attended a class for first

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Is_Moving_Inner_City_Considered_Moving_UpIs living in the inner-city with a family a good idea? Should you do it?

We've had lots of clients who have talked about moving to the inner-city in Calgary. One of them is Jeremy Duncan; he made that change and moved to the inner city with his family. He lives at Crescent Heights on the west side of Center Street.

From Suburbs to Inner City

Their first place was a condo in Toronto, Scarborough. They moved to Calgary in 2004 and immediately started looking for a condo downtown.

Their agent pushed them to buy a starter home in the suburbs. Looking back, it was great for them financially.

His family ended up buying a starter home in Tuscany. They stayed there for about nine years. But it wasn't quite what they envisioned having.


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