Real Estate is Essential During These Times

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

Real_Estate_Is_Essential_During_These_TimesReal estate was essential before, and it still is. At Chamberlain Real Estate Group, we commit to protecting our clients. We continue to help people in their moving up journey even amidst the pandemic.

We want to walk you through the current protocols on showings and open houses.

Safety Measures

When the shutdown happened, the government deemed Real Estate as an essential service. Because if you moved and the service wasn't there, you would end up homeless.

The shutdown would strain people needing to make a move because of their jobs or health concerns. Others might even need to deal with unfortunate transitions if someone passes away. Their family may have to right-size or downsize.

As a brokerage, we are intentional to protect our clients and team members.

In order to keep everyone safe during showings, there are forms that we will fill out with you for your safety and health declaration.

A virtual meeting is the best option if you are considering making a move or looking to sell. If you still prefer physical appointments, make sure you wear a mask and always sanitize. Refrain from hugging and do social distancing.

Keep in mind that you can't have large groups when looking at houses. If you bring your spouse and kids to the viewing, please disclose that to your agent. Let the agent disclose that to the seller and approve it.

There were cases where agents had to pay a fine because they didn't disclose how many people will be on the showing. The seller got upset and complained that the agent had to pay about a $3,000 fine.

Digital Switch

Usually, sellers who want their house sold just want people to know about it. Communication is vital, and knowing who's coming is always good. Showing the home to your parents and family members can be virtual.

When all this happened, we switched quickly because of the technology that we use in our team.

Our ability to embrace changes was beneficial for our clients and our team. Our agents have taken clients through virtual consultations and virtual showings.

Since we're all a little starved for human connections, being in a place is still incomparable. We're just doing that safely and giving people the opportunity to move up.

Real Estate Today

We want to make you feel safe because that's important. At some point, you might just want to see houses virtually and visit the top three in person. A lot of agents in the city are game for that.

No one has a rulebook for selling real estate or life in a pandemic, but we're trying to move forward. Life still goes on. People are still having babies, and there are still many relationship shifts. There are lots of changes happening, and we want to meet people where they're at.

Two more things to talk about too is open houses and the market in general.

Alberta Real Estate Association said we're allowed to have open houses. It should be one family group at a time, but we could see that changing in the next few days.

There is a shortage of inventory because people don't like to move in uncertainty. This creates a massive opportunity for sellers.

You may reach out to us if you want to check where the market is or what community is best for you.

There's not much inventory for people in their 40s or late 30s with families. It's a funny time right now with the market; some pockets of the city are moving like crazy.

Give us a call to see where you're at because everyone's story is unique. It's good to connect and have conversations. We are still in this place of helping you guys move forward to figure this out.

We're not here to sell you; we're here to help you. We want to help you transition to your fantastic next home.

Having a plan is vital. Identify if you should buy first or sell first and how things would things look next year.

If you have questions, reach out to the agents on our team or any agents in the city. We're open; we're here to help. We're here to help you figure this out and keep you safe at the same time.


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