Moving Up in Calgary

Understanding how you can MOVE UP into a larger and better home when the market overall is DOWN is powerful. Start by reading our blog post on how this works and then use the posts below to dream and search depending on what price range you are moving up to.

You deserve to love where you live. Let us help create a dream plan for you and make the move up a reality.

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Meet-Ari-Shams“There is no place like home.” This phrase is the reason why our team member, Ari Shams always aims to create excellent plans for his clients to help them achieve their dream home.

Ari entered the world of real estate because of his genuine drive to help people. He has spent fifteen years in the home construction industry. His experience gives him the knowledge to see past the cosmetics and look for critical components that can be costly to repair, ensuring his clients make solid and sound investments.

Furthermore, Ari’s ability to connect with people, relentless drive, patience, and sensitivity defines his interactions with his clients and ensures a smooth and successful buying or selling experience.

Living in Northwest Calgary

One thing

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Should-You-Use-the-Listing-Agent-to-Buy-a-HouseAs we work with people moving up and finding the perfect home for their current life stage, we hear many questions from our clients. One of the most common questions that have been more prevalent since 2020 is “Should I use the same agent as the seller?”.

We invited one of our team members, Ari Shams, to talk about the real deal in working with a listing agent when buying your next house.

The Difference between Listing Agent & Buying Agent

Any realtor can be a listing agent or a buying agent. They can both list a house and help people buy a home. But in a transaction, the listing agent exclusively works for the seller, and the buying agent exclusively works for the buyer.

If you want to work with the seller's agent, you’re trying to ask

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September_2021_Calgary_Real_Estate_Market_UpdateDespite the return to school and entering into a new phase of the year, we haven’t seen inventory returning to the market like we thought it would. Specifically, in the detached home market in Calgary, there is a real lack of quality listings. There were 1,268 sales in September, which is 30% higher than long-term trends.

Compared to the detached market, we can say the opposite about the apartment condo market. There was a boost in the supply of inventory, which spurred more sales over the last month.

More than ever, having a strategy that fits your family’s needs is critical in this market.

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Meet-Paul-MoyerMeet Paul Moyer. He has a winning attitude that shines through as soon as you meet him! He has always been drawn toward human connection and service-centric careers, so it comes as no surprise that he made his way into real estate after a decade of pondering the idea.

Living in a Lake Community

The best thing that Paul loves about where he lives is the proximity to water.

Paul and his family moved from different quadrants in Calgary to find where they best belong.
They value being in a close-knit community where they can easily access the water for fun activities, especially for the kids.

Out of all the great communities in the city, Paul’s family settled in Auburn Bay. They chose the neighbourhood because it is fairly new, but not brand

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special-assessment-condoDo you have a condo and are wondering about the ins and outs of special assessments?

Jared Chamberlain invited Rebecca Hewitt of Condo Savvy to talk about special assessment in condos, how it works, how much it costs and how to deal with it.

Rebecca owns a condo inspection business where she does condominium document reviews for purchasers of condominiums. You can check out her company at

What is Special Assessment

A special assessment is basically a cash call. It is called for when the condominium corporation doesn't have enough money for operations or certain projects. To levy a special assessment, the board sends out letters to the owners with the details and purpose of the dues.

The condo owners are required to

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Flipping-a-House-For-the-First-TimeDo you love watching programs about flipping houses? It is so cool to see documentation of places being transformed in 23-minute shows. But flipping a home is not as easy as it’s shown on the TV.

We invited a fantastic couple, Paul and Courtney Jewell, to talk about their experience in flipping a house in Calgary. As a couple, they have wanted to flip a home since they got married 17 years ago. Their dream came true this year when they flipped their first house!

As the years have gone by, they built their skill set to be able to achieve this. They started a carpentry business in 2005 and had numerous construction projects. They love doing home renovations for their clients and family members.

Working Together As A Family

Paul and Courtney

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Tony-CusanoSuccess =?

How would you fill in the blank?

Our agents are from diverse backgrounds and each of them has their own goals, dreams, and ideals. We support that. In fact, that is our primary goal. We don’t make agents meet our goals as a company, we’ve created a company that helps those agents achieve their own personal and professional vision of success.

We’re chatting with Tony Cusano about how his definition of success has changed over the years, and why he chose the Chamberlain Group to help him reach it.

Let’s start with the obvious question. What does success mean to you?

If I’m thinking of the whole outlook on life, it’d be work-life balance. I know it sounds pretty cliché, but having a family, when I did make the change, I was

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buying-in-new-communities-in-calgaryCalgary is a wonderful city that features world-class communities. More and more people are attracted to what the city offers, so builders continuously develop new areas in the vicinity.

A new community is one that has been constructed within the last five years, and some areas are still under construction. In new communities, builders are offering pre-possession or quick possession. You can even sculpt your home the way you want before you move in.

Tony Cusano joined Jared Chamberlain to talk about three crucial steps buyers need to consider when buying in a new community in Calgary. Tony has helped many people purchase new homes in new communities, and he is also thinking of doing the same thing.

Tony has a growing family. As his children

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4-Steps-to-Take-When-Renting-Out-Your-CondosDo you own a condo and plan on holding it as a rental? Renting out your condo may seem simple, but here are some MUSTS when it comes to planning on renting out your condo.

We invited Rebecca Hewitt, a condo expert, to talk about the four things you need to know when you want to keep your condo as a rental. Rebecca owns a condo inspection business where she does condominium document reviews for purchasers of condominiums. You can check out her company at

Many condo owners move to different types of homes as their life progresses. Even when they buy other houses, they want to keep their condos and have them as rentals. But doing that is not easy. There are a lot of processes that you need to follow if you want to do that.

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Tony-CusanoMeet Tony Cusano. He is a hardworking family man who sees his job as an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other families.


Tony loves the fact that he can meet a lot of new people every day. Negotiating excites him; that’s why it gives him great pleasure whenever he can help clients buy the best home for them or sell their homes at the best possible price!

It’s challenging and, at the same time, very satisfying. Especially when he comes up with the best solution and closes the best deal for his clients.

Living in Tuscany

A born and raised Calgarian, Tony never left the city. He grew up in the northwest and moved downtown for a bit during his bachelor years. Currently, he lives in Tuscany together with his wife and three

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