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Here are some of our top tips, insights and knowledge for those of you that are thinking of buying a home in Calgary.

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4_critical_conversations_when_buying_and_selling_a_home_in_calgaryFamilies move to different houses for so many reasons. A lot of considerations weigh in.

Right now, we’re going to dive into four critical conversations that you need to have when buying and selling in the same market.

To start, you should ask yourself the biggest question, “Why are you moving?”

Knowing this will align the path that you will take on moving forward.

You have to assess yourself and where you want to be in the future. Determine what will make you happy during the next period; five years, three years, two years.

What’s going to make you cheerful about your progress?

1. Seasons in Life
For instance, you are a newly married couple searching for your first home together.

Before you get wrapped up in the thought of a beautiful

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How_I_Found_a_Growth_Partner_Matt_AntrumAs soon as you meet Matt Antrum, you know he's intelligent and caring and likes to have a little fun. His transition to the team was a partnership that grew naturally over the years after building his own successful business alongside his dad since he was 24.

Over the past few years, Matt has also transitioned to family life and loved every moment of it. His specialty dish is anything his four-year-old will eat, and he’s found some creative ways to sneak extra veggies into a picky toddler’s diet. Shhh, don’t tell!

Matt has an energetic yet disarming style that his clients and colleagues love. Since joining the Chamberlain Group, he has impressed everyone with his ability to do it all with a smile on his face and a great attitude.

On a rare day,

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A_Story_About_Change_horA wonderful couple, Sue and Tom, owned a two-story home with five bedrooms.

This property housed their growing family for a very long time.

Their kids grew up here.

Now, their kids are all adults.

Their kids have kids, so they are already grandparents.

Recently, they consider downsizing to something a little smaller like a bungalow.

It's more practical and suitable for them.

They're now at the point in their life when they don't need the five
bedrooms anymore.

Living in a bungalow makes more sense.

They had their house listed twice before with no success.


A Much Needed Help

Their friend, a former client of Chamberlain Group, connected them to her agent, Erin. They set up an appointment with her and also met with a couple of

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calgary_real_estate_news_september_2020Calgary Real Estate News - September 2020 Market Update - Are Houses Even Selling? 
September was an interesting month for a lot of reasons.
It was full for many parents who need to decide if they will put their kids in the classroom or learn virtually. 
For real estate, it was the busiest market we've seen since 2014.
So, let's talk about the Calgary real estate market. What's happening? Are houses even selling anymore? 
All Condos & Houses
The benchmark selling price of all condos and houses was down 0.2%.
But the actual number of transactions went up 25% compared to last year. 
People are not taking holidays anymore. All the benchmarks that we usually live in life are gone. 
Going away for the summer, having kids in school, having people over for

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september_2020_calgary_real_esate_market_updateThe Calgary Real Estate Market has seen many ups and downs this year, and even this last month. There are pockets of the city that have seen drops in their inventory while seeing an increase in their number of sales.

All the while, across the city we haven't seen prices increasing, we have seen markets change to be more of a balanced or even sellers market in some areas.

Sellers, if you are planning on listing in the coming weeks, make sure you come to market with a strong strategy and plan. Know your competition as well as what values of what is selling. Getting a stager in to help prep your home and getting high quality photos and video is key to maximizing your opportunities.

Buyers, if you are planning on buying a home in the coming weeks, talk to your

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does_moving_up_mean_bigger_is_better_chamberlain_real_estate_groupMoving Up to a new home sounds like fun. But does it always mean a bigger home and more space? Not always. Sometimes making a move up means moving into an area that you've wanted to be in a long time and you are getting more life and location than you are home. Meet Melissa, who is a client of Chamberlain Real Estate Group and did just that. Her and her family moved in a couple weeks back and are loving the new life they are creating for themselves.

If you have questions about moving up, let us know what they are and how we can help you too!

Are you considering moving up and making a change during this pandemic? We're going to talk to one of our past clients and current clients who actually did do that exact thing, and dig into it. So

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a_story_of_trust_chamberlain_real_estate_groupTrust, in any relationship, is key for that relationship to work well. However, building trust and maintaining trust can be difficult.

Clients we have worked with over the years have all had amazing and hard experiences with REALTOR®s in the past. Our goal is to help you first so that we can build trust through our process and use all the tools we have to help you the best we are able to. 

Here is a story that Simmi Aujla shared with me about one of her clients. Feel free to watch our live show or read the transcript below.

Jared Chamberlain:
And today we have a story, a story about trust. So Simmi, we are going to make up this lady's name. Yeah. Because what is it like? There's like those old radio shows where it's like, the scenarios have

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calgary_market_update_july_august_2020So, the big question here, is the market dead or is it hot? What in the world is going on? COVID has turned us upside down. We're wearing masks. The world is different. Kids are going back to school, some are, some aren't. This is not a conversation, a topic about what's right or wrong at this moment. Really, we want to sit and talk about the Calgary real estate market.

There have been a lot of people and clients that are making transitions right now. They're making moves. They are figuring out how to move up to a better home, a different home. They're realizing, they're working from home more over the last couple of months, and it's going to stay that way for a while. So, there's a lot of things that are changing in a lot of people's worlds

Watch the

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Move_up_homes_900_to_1100_calgaryMaking a move up to a dream home can be really exciting.

It's key to truly think through exactly what it is that you are wanting vs needing in that next home.

You truly deserve to love where you live.

Let us help guide and create the perfect plan to get you into that incredible move up home that you are dreaming of.

As we've talked about before, making a move up in a down market can be a really smart move for those who in the position to do so.

Enjoy these luxury listings below and let us know how we can help you!

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Move_up_homes_700_to_900_calgaryYou have been dreaming of making the move into a larger space, or perhaps into a home that has a better location. Both of these things are possible when you look through these move up homes below.

All of these homes are what many Calgary home buyers dream of. These aren't the fanciest of the fanciest, but they sure are amazing.

Moving up to a larger home changes a lot of things for everyone in the family.

You deserve to love where you live, and we love to help you and your family find the perfect home.

As we discussed in a previous post how moving up in a down market can be a smart move, it may be the right time for you.

Take a browse and dream of what it would be like to be in some of these high end Calgary homes below.

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