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Buying-a-Rental-Property-in-CalgaryDo you plan to purchase a rental property in Calgary in the near future? There are three common mistakes investors make or overlook when they buy a rental property. It's good to know what these things are before purchasing anything.

You have probably heard the term, location, location, location. According to some experts, those are the three most important things to consider: location, location, location. True enough, location is crucial to be in the position to win in these 3 important matters;

Cash Flow

Cash flow is so important when it comes to having a rental property. It is impossible to pay your bills and pocket any money if you lack cash flow.

Be sure to review the numbers first when you are on the lookout for a property! Ask the

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Making-a-Difference-in-Peoples-Lives-Max-Barton.jpegMax Barton is one of those unique people who always seems to be calm and collected, and one of the first things you’ll notice about him is that he loves using his intelligence to help people. That, and he has a really nice speaking voice.

Coming from the culinary world, Max has a great ability to translate that experience into valuable skills and lessons that are helping him become a powerhouse in his real estate career.

We sat down with Max on a Tuesday morning between client calls to learn more about how he is following his why and making a difference in people’s lives.

Moving from a professional Chef to real estate seems like a huge leap; are they more similar than most would think?

I think when most people think of being a Chef and

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Calgary-Real-Estate-Market-Update-June-2021.pngAs we enter the summer and Alberta’s Open For Summer plan, could we see a difference in the coming market? Could we see a pullback and slow down? It’s tough to say for sure, but we do forecast seeing some breath in the market.

For the past year and specifically the last six months, there has been an urgency in the market, unlike we’ve experienced in our 17 years working in real estate in Calgary. Buyers did feel the urgency to see a home within hours of listed and needed to decide if it was the one for them, sometimes within 15 minutes of the showing. Agents have been scrambling to find homes coming on the market and getting a secured offer before anyone else sees it.

Now that we are coming into a different environment and phase of 2021, we have

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Building-a-Unique-Approach-to-Real-EstateAaron is one of the newer agents at the Chamberlain Group, but that hasn’t stopped him from hitting the ground running! As he breezed through our mentorship program, he already had his own style that his clients really loved.

His easygoing and honest personality is geared toward helping his clients get their best outcome, whatever that is for them. He’s building his reputation as an excellent realtor the same way he used to build houses; through communication, planning, and skillful execution.

We hopped on a call with Aaron to learn more about his unique approach to real estate.

You made a move into real estate recently. How was it starting in one of the weirdest years ever?

Talk about just getting thrown right into the fire. I started in

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Assesses_Value_vs_Market_ValueHave you ever wondered what the difference is between an Assessed Value and a Market Value?

Assessed Value

The assessed value of your home can come through an assessment by the city or by an appraiser.

Every year, the city does an assessment to identify the value of your home to know the amount of taxes you need to pay. For an appraised value, a third-party company is hired to do the assessment. To get an appraised value, appraisers have different approaches such as comparison, breakdown and rebuild cost.

Market Value

Market value is essentially what a buyer is willing to pay for your home in its current condition in today's market. The value of your home may be pushed around based on what's happening in the market.


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Calgary-Real-Estate-Market-Update-May-2021The Calgary Market is on fire!

Let’s put things in perspective. The number of sales in Calgary from 2017 to 2020 averaged 16,881 all residential sales per year. YTD from January 1, 2021, to May 31, 2021, we are already at 12,141 sales. That’s 72% of past full years sales we have had happened in only FIVE MONTHS so far this year! 

Many parts of Calgary have been in a strong seller’s market for most of this year. The upward pressure on prices has brought some sellers into the market, which has helped with inventory gains. However, this still isn’t enough to offset the demand growth that we are seeing.

More than ever, we have seen in our 17+ years in real estate in Calgary, have we seen more people purchasing homes here from Greater Vancouver and Greater

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Should-You-Sell-Your-Rental-Property-NowFive years ago, many people invested and purchased real estate. Due to the sudden market slowdown, they could not sell it for a price that was worth it for them at that time. So they ended up keeping their property as a rental.

The real estate industry in Calgary is in a different place right now. There has been upward pressure on prices because of the rise of demand in the market.

Reach Out to an Agent

If you have a rental property right now and you are thinking if this is the best time to sell, don’t make a rash decision! Reach out to an agent in our team to help you study the market specific to your type of home to see its current value. Pricing your home the right way is key to sell your house fast!

We can set up your house for a

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What-to-do-while-waiting-for-possession-dayIs your home sold, and you are waiting for the possession day?

If you are nodding your head yes, then keep on reading! Here’s a list of the four things you need to make sure you do before possession of the home that you just sold.

Schedule to Meet Your Lawyer

It is important to schedule a time to meet with your lawyer before the possession day. As a seller, you need to sign the title transfer document and a few other legal documents. But if you are the buyer, you have a lot more paperwork for the lawyer. It is best to schedule a time to sign the papers early on.

If you are buying and selling at the same time, you can schedule one meeting to sign everything at once! Go to the lawyer when all of your mortgage and other legal documents are

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Calgary's_Hot_Real_Estate_Market._How_did_we_get_hereThe real estate industry has gone crazy over the last few months as the market turns red hot! We haven't seen this type of economy or anything like it in the past, so you may be wondering, how in the world did we get here? This is a really interesting question that a lot of our agents here at Chamberlain Real Estate Group are getting nowadays.

Being in Two Worlds at Once

At present, there are two types of worlds that people live in: the physical world and the digital world. In the physical world, everybody needs to wear a mask and social distance, and some are even locked down for safety precautions. Then, there’s the digital world which is not affected by the COVID-19 virus.

This unprecedented time has created barriers in the physical world.

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How-to-Handle-a-Conditional-Offer-on-My-HouseGetting a conditional offer for your house is exhilarating as it can inch you closer to moving up to your new home! But before you get too caught up with emotions, you need to work through all the conditions to make a firm sale.

Here are four major conditions that you might encounter and how you can prepare for them.

Financing Condition

As a seller, there is not much for you to do during a financing condition. It is up to the buyer, their mortgage company, and the lender to work through the financing and make things happen.

However, if your house went for a price way higher than most comparables in your area, you can help the buyer with the appraisal. For example, the average selling price in your area is $650,000 to $700,000, and your

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