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Amanda_henwood_calgary_realtorWe can’t help but be proud of every one of our agents at Chamberlain Group, so it’s always hard to select just one particular agent for our spotlight each month. But with Amanda Henwood, it’s very easy to see why she’s quickly become a part of the family here. Although she’s only been with us a few months, Amanda’s presence in our team has become vital. She’s a breath of fresh air and a true delight to be around. And she’s this month’s Featured Real Estate Agent who is making waves and helping families move.

We sat down with Amanda to talk about her experience from looking at houses in Calgary and area for her and her family, to becoming a real estate agent initially at another brokerage, and what ultimately brought her to the Chamberlain Real Estate

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rob_campbell_realtor_calgaryAt the Chamberlain Group, we value every member of our team. Although we live in a competitive environment, at the end of the day, we celebrate each other’s wins. So when one team member achieves more than they’ve ever done before, we want to highlight that moment.

Enter Rob Campbell.

Rob’s one of our exceptional real estate advisors. Although he’s only been an agent for 13 months, June of 2020 was a record-breaking month for him for deals. Well done, Rob!

We chatted with him about how he was able to achieve this monumental goal even in the midst of a global lockdown.

This isn’t the first job you had. How did you find yourself working as a real estate agent with the Chamberlain Group?

After 16 years of running my own business in a volatile

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how_to_buy_a_house_virtually“Hello? Can you hear me? Am I muted?”

These days, we all understand what it’s like to move our lives online. Office conference calls. Ordering groceries. Meeting clients. Even playing games with family members.

But buying a house?

A few months ago, that might have seemed strange, but in this lockdown life, buying a home virtually is a reality. Two of our star agents, Tony Cusano and Simmi Aujla, did just that. They helped their clients find the home they wanted, even though neither client had set foot in the property.

Simmi (Virtually) Sells a Home

For Simmi’s clients, the first point of contact was our exceptional website. Once the family submitted an inquiry and spoke to our inside sales agent, he passed along their contact details to

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june_2020_real_estate_marketDuring the month of May, the market in Calgary remained relatively slow, however it did exceed the lows from April's market in number of transactions. Despite the decline in number of homes sold by 44% compared to 2019 May numbers, we did see some homes go into multiple offers, in fact one last week had 5 offers on it.

Yes the market is slower, but here's the reality, people are still moving and working with an agent who is forward thinking and understands this market is key.

We've said it before, but it really makes a world of a difference now, you need to have a solid strategic plan. You are not able to just get by with winging in when buying or selling a home in this market.

We get asked, and even told, by clients that they know the market is

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3 Incredible Day Trips Around Calgary

day_trips_around_calgaryWhen you are living in Calgary, you don't need to stay in your house all the time. Part of the appeal of Calgary is that it is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and its proximity to some truly astounding places. With hundreds of hiking trails, ski runs, and natural wonders within a couple hours' drive, it's hard to narrow down a selection. But make sure you don't miss these, as they can easily be left off of your list.

These three places are a great place for any age and any size of family. 

  • Tyrell Museum & the Badlands: About 90 minutes Northeast of Calgary, this moonscape is eerie and desert-like, and a wonderful place to explore (stop by Horseshoe Canyon on your way there too!). A treasure-trove
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outdoor_activity_ideas_in_calgaryIf you are on a budget or want to get away from the crowds: don't worry, Calgary has you covered. With vast swathes of pristine green space within the city, you have plenty of spots to explore. Growing up in Calgary, one of the regular outdoor activities we would do was heading down to Fish Creek Park for hours. We would build forts in the trees with deadfall, splash in the water catching tadpoles, toss a ball or frisbee, and finish with a hotdog roast over a fire. We would spend hours riding our bikes in and out of the trees and get lost in paths we've never explored before. Places like this litter our incredible city, and each one has its own unique flavour and is worth exploring.

Here are a few of our most absolute favourites to check out:

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may_2020_market_stats1M A Y ~ 2 0 2 0 || As expected, we are seeing massive drops in terms of sales happening. Across the city, we saw a decrease of over 63% in the number of sales compared to April 2019.

If you are considering a purchase in this market, you may think there will be some amazing deals, but in reality, the inventory is a bit low. So, if you are in a hotter price range (under $500,000) you could see homes still moving quicker if they are priced well for the time we're in.

Where we have seen the biggest adjustments is in the price ranges above $600,000. The number of homes that sold over this price has really dropped. So if you are planning on selling in this range, you MUST have a kick a$$ strategy to get you in front of the potentially few buyers that are

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dog_friendly_places_in_calgaryIn part 1 of our #stayingathome series, we discussed New Puppy Training. Now that you have some tips to help you on your journey with a new pup, let's get to the fun part! Here in Calgary, there are plenty of dog-friendly places to take your growing pup to.

Where are good places to visit in Calgary with a new puppy?

  1. Nose Hill Park - on top of the hill is a large off-leash area that is plenty big enough for a young pup to explore. This one is mostly grass, brush, and dirt.
  2. Bowmont Park Off-Leash Area - near the river, this fenced park is great if you live in the NW. Though some parts of the fence no longer meet the ground, so keep a close eye on your pup at the south end of the park
  3. Edworthy Off-Leash Park - Here is where you can take your
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interior_design_ideasWe’ve been spending a lot of time in our homes lately, and it’s the perfect opportunity to evaluate precisely what is working and what is not. A great home interior design considers the people that live in the space, their personality and how they use that space. In a season like we’re experiencing now, it’s wise not to make big decisions based on current circumstances. In essence, I mean, don’t spend all your money updating your office if you intend to go back to your regular office when things return to our new normal. Do, however, consider the present circumstance when you evaluate your budget for the projects that you want to take on. When you’re ready to start assessing your home and how you’d like to improve the look and functionality, consider

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cooking_with_kidsWritten by Rob Campbell
Growing up with a mom who loves to cook (and is damn good at it), it provided me with the initial taste of a skill that I would spend years honing in on. After high school, the first career I had was a professional chef. I spent a year at SAIT taking the course and five years more, furthering my skill and apprenticeship at private clubs and high-end restaurants in the city. And, although I no longer earn my living off of being a professional chef, it's a life-long skill I appreciate having and something I look forward to cooking with my kids as my mom did for me.

There is something to the statement about the kitchen being the centre of the home. It's the place where we come together to gather, whether it's a quick bowl of cereal

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