15 Quarantine Questions for Work, Home and Friends

Posted by Jared Chamberlain

15_quarantine_questionsAs we are all in isolation, it is good to have a check-in with a team member to make sure you are doing okay and have someone else there to help support you in your business but also to make sure you are keeping sane. Having these top 15 quarantine questions at hand can help you when talking to your children, friends, co-workers and even your spouse/partner.

Here at the Chamberlain Real Estate Group, we are actually partnering up with each other for a full week and have a daily call check-in with each other. By doing so, not only are we going to create stronger relationships with each other, but we are also not going to truly feel so isolated. We know we have someone to lean on when life gets too real some days.

Feel free to use some of these questions in your daily check-in:

  1. How are you doing? (don’t settle for one-word answers, i.e. fine…good…etc)
  2. What is your inner weather status (cloudy, foggy, clear blue sky, sunny breaks, etc.)?
  3. What’s one new and exciting thing you’ve been thinking about lately?
  4. What’s one thing that brings you energy and joy?
  5. What kind of a day have you had so far today?
  6. What’s become apparent since we last met?
  7. What are the two words you would use to describe your current feelings?
  8. What are two things where you are winning at work? How about your home life?
  9. What are you struggling with at work? How about life?
  10. What worries or fears are bubbling up in you as you think about the future?
  11. If you could sit with anyone through history to chat about where you are at right now, who would you chat with? Why?
  12. What’s one thing you hope to get accomplished today?
  13. What is one thing you are doing for yourself this week?
  14. Share a one or two-word intention you hold for today.
  15. What is something you came across recently that gave you hope or inspiration?


Use these questions as a guide and to start further conversations with each other. We are #strongertogether Calgary!

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