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Pets often become just like family. They have full run of a home, and although we love them, their shedding, rough play, and little accidents can cause damage to a house. When it comes time to sell your home, potential buyers may be put off by the presence of pet damage. However, there are steps you can take to make your home look as though no pet has ever been inside, which will greatly increase your chances of selling the property.

Give Your Pet a Vacation

The first step is ensuring your pet isn’t around when you show your home to potential buyers. Contact a relative and ask if your pet can stay with them during showings, and arrange for transportation beforehand. No matter how adorable your pet may be, its presence will do nothing but remind the potential buyer that pets have lived in the home previously. In the worst case scenario, the presence of your pet could aggravate allergies you didn’t know the buyer had.

Repair Any Pet-Related Damages

Cats are prone to scratching on door frames, leaving long grooves in the wood. Dogs like to chew on things. All of these little behaviours add up over time to cause extensive damage throughout the home that you may not even notice. You will need to repair all of this damage before listing your home. Without your pet present, do a walkthrough of the home and examine the places your pet can reach. Look at furniture, walls, carpeting, and more. If you find any damage, make note of it – you’ll need to repair it before showing the property.

Although the cost of repairs can be high, it is well worth it. You’ll more than recoup your investment when the home sells.

Get Rid of Odours

Cats, in particular, have a way of leaving a lingering odour in areas they’ve marked as their own. The scent of a litter box is also very distinctive; though you as the pet owner may not notice it, visitors most certainly will. Before showing your home, you’ll want to take the time to make sure it’s deodorized. Open the windows to allow fresh air to flow through the home and remove any sources of odour.

Real estate expert advisors state that strong odours are one of the primary reasons buyers pass over a home. Invest in a professional carpet cleaning to ensure there is no lingering odour. It can be a good idea to invite a friend over and ask them to do a walkthrough of the home, pointing out any potential scents you may have missed.

Don’t Forget About the Yard

With all this focus on the home, it can be easy to forget that your yard also leaves signs of pets. Animals trained to go to the bathroom outside will leave little messes all throughout the yard, and dogs may dig holes in various places. The yard has just as much of an effect on buying decisions as the home itself, so take the time to do any necessary landscaping before showing your home.

Stage Your Home

Any animal supplies you may have such as cat food, dog food, pet toys, bedding, and more should all be placed in an area the visitor will not notice. The goal is to eliminate all signs that a pet lived in the home. If the buyer asks, you’ll have to answer them honestly; however, it’s unlikely they will ask if there is no reason to do so.

This is what’s known as ‘staging,’ and is very common for real estate expert advisors to do. It’s like arranging furniture in a way that makes a room more inviting. It entices the buyer to commit to purchasing the home, even if that isn’t the way the space normally looks.

In addition to properly cleaning up after your pet and increasing the chances of a sale, there is another reason for removing your pets from the home before visitors arrive: aggression. Although you may not believe your pet is capable of attacking a stranger, it’s far better not to take the chance and face the liability of an animal attack.

By properly preparing your home before visitors arrive, you can greatly improve the chance of a sale and make it look as though no pets ever lived in the home. Even if you can’t imagine life without your furry friends, following these steps will help sell your home faster and for the price you want.

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